Development updates, screenshots, and download coming soon!

More development updates


  • Ability to broadcast custom messages on a timer
  • Ability to add custom commands (!yourcommand) that auto responds with a message of your choice
  • Fixed bug related to multi kill broadcast
  • Created message editor to customize PS2 broadcast messages (see first screenshot below):
    • Kill streaks
    • Multi kills
    • Aircraft kill streaks
    • Vehicle destroyed

Latest updates


  • Ability to add chat beeps (IE if user says your name, you will hear a beep)
  • Improved logging
  • Notifications for new subscribers/followers
  • PS2 Broadcast updates:
    • Kill streaks
    • Aircraft kill streaks
    • Multi kills

Planning to have an early release this weekend. Message me on Reddit if you are interested in helping me test.

Latest updates


  • Ability to toggle chat timestamps
  • Add your character by name for PS2 broadcast plugin
  • Set a delay time for PS2 broadcast messages (so users don't see messages before they actually see the event)
  • Customize broadcast messages
  • Update channel status, game, and delay time from dashboard
  • Mods now have "@" next to their name


Manage your broadcast from your desktop

TwitchMod allows you to manage your stream on your desktop, without having to keep a web browser open.

Planned features:

  • Set broadcast title
  • Set game being streamed
  • Preview stream
  • Built in chat
  • Viewer management (mods, bans)
  • Planet Side 2® broadcast support (kill streaks, vehicles destroyed)
  • Chat flood protection (20 messages per 30 seconds)
  • Chat moderation (slow mode, subscribers only)
  • Chat commands (!commands)
  • Customized chat commands
  • Chat timestamps
  • Export chat logs
  • Subscriber notifications
  • Follower notifications

Stayed tuned for more updates!